Capacity for birth support 

November 23 – fully booked

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January 24 – full booked

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April 24 – 1 free spots

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July 24 – 2 free spots

*message me even if I´m fully booked as I work with a fantastic team and will look for the perfect match for you

Who I am and why I am an enthusiastic Doula

I was born and raised in Hamburg. After school I moved to Berlin to study and then worked in the fashion industry. Always in search of my passion, I moved back to Hamburg when I was pregnant. I dived into the family world and my children were the impetus to want to change something in this world and to support other families with my experiences. 

My births couldn’t have been more different due to my preparation and attitude. Before my daughter was born, I didn’t think much about the birth and the time after. A simple childbirth education class would suffice – after all, we are all born. So it can’t be that hard, can it? In the end one intervention followed the next and I had the feeling that I had slipped into this situation. At certain points I didn’t even know what it was all about. Completely exhausted and overwhelmed with the new situation and the unprocessed birth, we started family life. 

1 1/2 years later I got pregnant again. Fear and uncertainty about the birth accompanied the initial phase. I quickly realized that I had to do something different! I took courses and informed myself extensively. My mindset became positive and I was looking forward to the birth of my son. I also took advantage of 1:1 care and experienced a wonderful birth, which strengthened me and inspires me to this day. 

I knew that I wanted to work in this area and started a 6-week internship in the delivery room to get a well-founded insight into everyday clinical work and to be able to accompany my first births. I then completed the training to become a doula at „Doulas in Germany eV“. These experiences strengthened my plan and I am exactly where I want to be. 

Couples that I was allowed to accompany during the birth confirm me and I often hear how valuable my presence was for them. I radiate positivity and confidence because I know: Mama, you can do it! And sometimes all it takes is this reminder…  

I offer the couples 1:1 care during the entire birth – from the beginning at your home, through the time at your desired place of birth, until your baby is born. I take care of your well-being on an emotional and mental level. I also use pain-relieving techniques – e.g. meditation instructions, Rebozo or Light Touch massages.

I attend all births. Regardless of whether you want a natural birth, a caesarean section or a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). Whether at home, in the birth center or in a clinic. 

I also offer support for twin moms-to-be.

Accompaniment is possible in German and English.

What I can do for you as a Doula...

  • I am always lovingly by your side and listen to you
  • I will inform you and help you to find out what birth can look like for you 
  • I do not judge and am open to all your ideas and wishes
  • I support and take care of you
  • I encourage you and remind you of your strength
  • I exude joy and positivity
  • I provide you with useful birth gadgets
  • I am a support for the partner
  • I support you with my large network

What I can´t do for you as a Doula...

  • I am not replacing a midwife
  • I do not conduct medical examinations 
  • I don’t make decisions for you and your partner
  • I’m not interfering in your midwife’s work
  • I do not attend planned free births

Women with continuous support during labor had:

  • 50% less chance of delivering by cesarean section
  • 41% reduced risk of using a suction cup or forceps
  • 39% less use of labor medications
  • 28% less need for painkillers or anesthesia
  • 25% shorter birth duration
  • 33% less likely to be dissatisfied or negative about their birth experience

(Continuous Support, Hodnett, ED.; Gates S.; Hofmeyr, GJ.; Sakala, C 2003)

Birth Support

an introductory phone call

2 preliminary talks during pregnancy

Constant contact possibility via telephone, e-mail, SMS

14 days before due date to 14 days after due date I am on call for you

Accompaniment to the birth (clinic, birth center, home birth)

Birth report (in written form or as an audio file)

1 postpartum visit 





Latest offer

overnight service

Are you exhausted and need a break? I also offer overnight services. I’ll come to you in the late evening and spend the night with your baby. This works great with pumped breast milk or pre-milk, but I can also bring the baby to you to breastfeed. This service is very individual and sensitive. I adapt to your situation and your pace. A good night’s sleep can recharge your batteries and let you look more calmly into the coming time. It’s about giving up responsibility for a few hours and taking care of yourself in order to be able to function better again.

200€ (example for 11:00 p.m. -7:00 a.m.) 

„Helen prepared and accompanied me mentally and emotionally during pregnancy and the birth of my first son, so that I  can speak of a really beautiful and harmonious birth experience. I always felt safe, heard and understood with Helen, and her perspective and tips enriched me immensely. I would recommend a doula (with the best of luck, Helen) to every mother-to-be at any time. My motivation at the time was the uncertainty of which midwife I could get in the delivery room or birth center, the often poor staff ratio in hospitals and the support that Helen was able to give me and my husband beyond medical expertise.  

Helen has a really wonderful and pleasant way and not only listens attentively but also responds to wishes, asks the right questions and opens perspectives on previously unknown possibilities.

I was also impressed by her repertoire of small but really great obstetric aids and gadgets such as oils, a birth comb and much more. It was the little things that made the difference for me. Thanks to Helen, my husband could just be by my side, hold my hand and enjoy the birth with me. We also have Helen to thank for the fact that our son was born without any complications or painkillers.

I have also made use of their ’service‘ and their expertise when it comes to consuming the valuable placenta and I can only recommend that.

Helen is super flexible and can be reached at any time and caters to your wishes and needs as much as possible, which makes it even more pleasant as a full-time working couple.

Thank you dear Helen for everything and until the next delivery with you“


März 23


”We were supported by Helen during the birth of our first child and she did an amazing job. She cheered me up, created relaxed atmosphere, helped to keep my breathing rhythmus during contractions, made a pain mitigating massage and gave good tips on how to relieve the pain. In the weeks before birth and in the time after Helen was available for questions and gave many useful advices. She also prepared afterwards a sweet birth story for us to remember the details of the day.
Me and my husband are totally recommending Helen as a great professional and an empathetic person. Thank you a lot, Helen, for your great support!”


Feb 23


„Helen accompanied me to the birth of my third child and I wish I had met her before. I would recommend everyone to use their services. She has a large repertoire of small aids for childbirth. Her empathetic and sensitive nature always made me feel comfortable around her. She has wonderful ideas on how to implement even the most unusual birth ideas :). I felt heard and understood at all times. She communicates at eye level and always gave me a feeling of security during this emotional time!!“


Jun 23



”Dear Helen, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your great support during the birth of our little Q!

It was already clear to us during our first meeting that you would accompany us on this path!

Your incredibly warm and trusting manner immediately gave us the feeling of knowing you forever. You are not “just” a doula for us, but like a best friend from the first second.

You were born for your job and we wish you countless wonderful births for your future. Stay the way you are because the world needs people like you! You are doing such incredibly valuable work and we hope that you can reach many more people like us!

Warmest regards, Jessi, Flo & Q”


Jun 23

Jessi & Flo

”I contacted Helen during my second pregnancy as I was looking for a doula. Unfortunately, due to a lack of capacity, she was no longer able to guarantee uninterrupted on-call service and still did everything possible so that I could find good companions in the end. I felt understood by her and booked a 1:1 birth preparation including a detailed discussion of my birth report from the previous birth. I feel inspired by her visit and was able to get rid of all my many questions. Helen prepared intensively for the meeting and was able to fill in memory gaps and explain many things to me, so that I could finally come to terms with this birth. Helen is patient and understanding. She also gave me a lot of tips on how to deal with siblings and took away a lot of my fears. I feel well prepared and thank Helen for her effort!”


Jun 23


”As an expat living in Hamburg, I was so afraid of facing labor on my own. I’m so grateful I found Helen, who helped me prepared for it while making me feel very supported and encouraged all along the way. I had a fast, mindful and beautiful delivery.

Placenta Encapsulation: Since all mammals eat their placenta after birth, I decided to have my placenta capsules made. The capsules have significantly supported my milk intake and my iron level.”


Apr 23


„I am happy to give feedback on the experience with Helen, thanks to her calm and empathetic nature, she was a great support to me at the birth of my second son. Thanks to Helen’s good education and her own experience as a mother of two, she was able to take away a lot of my fears and was always there for me. I always had the feeling that I was in good hands with her and she proved that when she gave birth. Thanks for everything, you are a wonderful doula!“


Jan 19




Helen Alexiew


Telephone: 0174 24 7 2022